Empowering Impact Communication: Belynda Abayisenga’s Growth Journey with GanzAfrica

GanzAfrica Fellowship has been a transformative experience for Belynda ABAYISENGA ISIMBI, empowering her to become an impactful communicator driving change in land, agriculture, and the environment.

Since becoming an Impact Communications Fellow at GanzAfrica  I’ve already gained valuable insights and skills that allow me to amplify the voices of those advocating for sustainable practices and equal access to resources – says Belynda, reflecting on her experience to date.

At GanzAfrica Belynda is joining a diverse group of fellows with technical specialisms such as water management, land administration and climate finance. Belynda is completing a BA in Communications and despite her different technical background, she has quickly found her place in the team, using her skillset to effectively convey the organization’s mission and catalyze positive change. The fellowship provides a path of learning and growth, nurturing her skills and potential.
Belynda is deployed to the National Land Authority (NLA) where one of her initial tasks has been supporting awareness raising and engaging communities in safeguarding agriculture-dependent livelihoods from the adverse effects of climate change.

GanzAfrica’s power skills development sessions and strategic assignments will equip Belynda with the knowledge and tools necessary to craft compelling narratives that inspire action. Through peer-to-peer learning, regular feedback from other GanzAfrica fellows, and guidance from the broader team, Belynda is learning quickly how to apply her communications skills to   drive positive change. As an impact-driven organization, GanzAfrica emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, ensuring that Belynda remains updated on the latest insights and practices in impactful communication.

Since joining GanzAfrica Belynda says. “I’ve learned that impactful communication goes beyond simply conveying information. It requires empathy, storytelling, and the ability to connect with diverse audiences on a deeper level.” This understanding has shaped her approach, aiming to craft messages that resonate with diverse audiences, foster meaningful connections, and drive transformative action.

Belynda’s growth trajectory, even within the early weeks of her GanzAfrica Fellowship underwrites the organization’s commitment to nurturing young professionals and providing them with the necessary tools, guidance, and opportunities to become transformative agents, driven by a desire to contribute to equitable access to resources and the development of resilient food systems.
Belynda is determined to   use her skills and knowledge to create a prosperous and sustainable future for Africa.