Empowering Transformative Change: Skills Builder Enhancing Essential Skills for GanzAfrica Fellows

GanzAfrica joins forces with Skills Builder, offering a framework to gain competency in 8 Essential Skills for personal and professional growth.
Skills Builder Partnership equips individuals with the ability to creatively solve problems, to self-manage, to communicate effectively, and to work well with others. Effective use of these skills helps the learning individual deliver better outcomes for a team, an employer and themselves in a work environment. Reflecting on the Skills Builder training, Mugabe Claude, Smart Water Management Fellow at GanzAfrica, says: 
“Skills Builder has provided me with the tools and knowledge to navigate my personal and professional path with clarity and confidence.” On listening skills, Claude adds “I never knew the way I listen could change the outcome of an interaction, and even deliver better decision making.” At GanzAfrica, we are proud to witness the remarkable growth and achievements of our fellows, as they leverage their newfound self-awareness and skills to create a better tomorrow for themselves and their communities.
Skills Builder is an example of innovation training at GanzAfrica, equipping our fellows with a wide range of tools to build a future where land-dependent Africa communities and experts co-create solutions, fostering resilient food systems and eradicating poverty, hunger and inequality.