Our Vision
A prosperous and sustainable future for Africa, free from poverty, hunger, and inequality. A future where land-dependent African communities and experts co-create solutions for equal access to resources and resilient food systems.
Our Mission
To Improve livelihoods, resilience, and access to opportunities for poor, land-dependent populations by nurturing talented young practitioners to be a transformative generation of African land, agriculture, and environment specialists.


Africa is a young, fast-growing continent with almost boundless potential. To take full advantage of the opportunities ahead, African leaders need to address several priorities, including creating impactful jobs for youth and improving agriculture, which employs more Africans than any other sector. GanzAfrica offers an innovative training, mentorship, and work placement program that meets both pressing needs at once—and prepares African youth to take the future in their hands.

GanzAfrica provides holistic career preparation for transformative food systems leaders. Our curriculum integrates best practices around agriculture, the environment, sustainable land management, and land rights to break siloed patterns of thinking and unlock opportunities at the intersections of these fields. We stress data literacy and analytical capabilities to equip youth with the necessary skills to provide the right support to state and non-state organizations to make evidence-based decisions. Our program also connects fellows to a rich community of mentors and places them in government and non-government sector jobs where they gain both real-world experience and the beginnings of a professional network.

In the end, GanzAfrica connects youth to fulfilling careers that draw on their passion and skills to deliver on the promise of a healthy, prosperous future for the continent.

Our Values

Evidence based

In-depth research and data-driven insights shape the solutions we co-create, leveraging local knowledge and building analytical expertise to ensure the best possible outcomes.


We work with authenticity and transparency. We are collaborative but not subject to influence or partiality.


We pattern the highest respect for human, financial, and natural resources and diligence in their utilization. The solutions we co-create enshrine this, alongside equality of access to resources now and for the future.

Expertise & Experience
At GanzAfrica, we draw on a wealth of expertise and experience across our core teams and wider networks. The high calibre of our mentors and the GanzAfrica advisory group ensure the ongoing quality of our outputs across all activities.
We believe in progress through partnership to transform development perspectives in Africa. We work to break barriers by connecting institutions, funders, youth, and local communities. And we enable the collaborative sharing of research, insights, and solutions on a digital platform hosted by our GanzAfrica Delivery Lab.

Our Partners

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