Sustainable Solutions For Africa’s Challenges: GanzAfrica Vision Continues To Flourish

GanzAfrica is thrilled to announce the placement of its first Fellows cohort, hosted by Rwanda’s environment and natural resource sector agencies. At GanzAfrica, we’re proud to see our vision of building market-led, system-focused human capital growing through talented young professionals.

Our vision at GanzAfrica is to build human capital that is market led and system focused by enabling communities to resolve local issues using sustainable solutions. Our focus is on youth as drivers for change to transform their communities whilst laying the ground for an improved today and better tomorrow. This is achieved through providing tailored, hands-on mentorship and apprenticeship programmes with employment opportunities focused on creating holistic and integrated locally driven solutions. These solutions provide evidence-informed decisions to challenges facing land, agri-food systems and environmental conservation. We intentionally seek to empower our youth with a blend of modern and local (community-based) technologies and expertise to ensure all-rounded learning.

As they say, ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and as such, at GanzAfrica, we believe in collective efforts to create sustainable solutions. In doing so, we partner with those who share our vision and who are willing to create disruptive solutions for the benefit of our communities.

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