A transformation partner

GanzAfrica is a human capital community interest organization committed to supporting talented African youth while tackling the major land, agri-food systems, and environmental challenges facing the continent today.

We specialize in land governance, land restoration, agrifood systems, environmental management, and climate finance. With a core focus on capacity building, we provide training, apprenticeships, and work experience, preparing young African professionals for deployment across mandated institutions. Specifically, we help develop the skills required to support and advise public sector agencies in the delivery of innovative solutions across our thematic focus areas.

Our Objectives

To provide home-grown advisory and technical solutions in land governance, environment, and agriculture development for governments, development institutions and other agents of change.

To build the technical and leadership capacities of the next generation of African leaders in natural resource management and environmental sustainability to become leaders in the African climate agenda and high-value partners in the global climate agenda.

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