Land – Agriculture – Environment


We train young professionals to attain impactful careers by addressing Africa’s agri-food system challenges and improving livelihoods for wider communities.

Land – Agriculture – Environment

GanzAfrica Academy

Our fellowship program provides holistic training for high-achieving young graduates within the sub-sectors of land, agriculture, or environment to develop the skills for workplace success, multi-disciplinary systems thinking and innovation and to make an impact through work placements in public, private, and non-state Organisations and lead community-based projects.

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A one-year programme for those in early to mid career with exceptional ability and intellectual curiosity who aspire to become public leaders.

Why GanzAfrica?


I think GA has done a great job in preparing the fellows because they are the best staff we have. Sometimes we wonder how they know everything! They are very proactive, they know a lot, because they are being trained. We don’t need to teach them much…. They are helping us achieve our institutional objectives.

GA fellowship supervisor, National Land Authority (NLA)

GanzAfrica fellows are very well prepared, they know what they are doing, they understand things, they are up to any task, they are very motivated, responsible. If you give them a task, they make sure they respond to you, they are very sharp.

GA fellowship supervisor, Ministry of Environment

I have found immense value in my role as a Smart Water fellow at GanzAfrica…. a pivotal aspect of my journey has been participating in the MINAGRI team where collaboration with fellows from diverse backgrounds was key.

I am confident that the lessons learned at GanzAfrica will contribute significantly”

One of the most valuable takeaways from GanzAfrica has been the acquisition of soft skills… soft skills are not only complementary to technical expertise but are also indispensable for advancing in one’s career, personal development, and establishing meaningful connections in both professional and personal spheres of life.

Gilbert Rugengamanzi, Sustainable Land Use Fellow

Three Key Elements that make GanzAfrica Unique,