Why GanzAfrica?

GanzAfrica is dedicated to capacity building, mentorship and training of young professionals, preparing them for impactful careers tackling the major agricultural and environmental challenges facing the continent today.

We believe solutions must adopt systems thinking to integrate approaches across land, agrifood systems, and environment. Solutions must be contextualized to take root and bring needed change.

Proper land governance stimulates economic growth, prevents tensions, and protects natural resources. GanzAfrica promotes sustainable land governance in Africa to address unregistered land, governance challenges, and conflicts.
Agrifood Systems
Agriculture contributes significantly to GDP and livelihoods, but faces challenges in productivity, market access, and climate change impacts. GanzAfrica supports resilient and profitable agrifood systems in Africa.
GanzAfrica prioritizes sustainable environmental management in Africa to address environmental threats. We aim to protect communities from job losses, food insecurity, and poverty by building resilience to climate change impacts.
Capacity issues are cross-cutting...
  • Lack of clear succession planning within civil service institutions presents the risk of institutional memory loss.
  • Demand for local professionals outstrips supply.
  • Externally sourced consultants have limited local knowledge.
  • Ill-fitting transplanted solutions result in suboptimal outcomes.
  • Most training programs are ‘sliced’ and siloed, focusing on a single sector.
  • There are too few cross-sector/integrated incubation or training programs.

GanzAfrica equips young practitioners to deliver solutions that are co-created with local communities and driven by partnerships.

Our Partners