Imagine a Rwanda where every home blossoms with fruit trees, fostering food security, environmental conservation, and a thriving ecosystem.

In the rapidly developing fringe of Gasabo district, adjacent to a significant urban expansion project centered around the stadium, lies the village of Kagara. Here, Joel Jonathan, our passionate Environmental Conservation Fellow has embarked on a transformative endeavor. Recognizing the imminent challenges posed by urbanization, Jonathan began a visionary fruit tree planting project  to counterbalance the encroaching concrete, preserving nature’s vital presence. In this small corner of Kigali, 41 fruit trees have taken root in diverse households, symbolizing a collective commitment to nurturing a greener, food-secure, and sustainable future.

Jonathan’s visionary project delivers biodiversity conservation while ensuring a food-secure future. By carefully selecting a range of fruit trees, such as avocados, oranges, and mangoes, his project creates vibrant habitats for birds and insects, fostering biodiversity and supporting food security, soil conservation, and erosion protection. This strategic approach guarantees abundant and diverse nutrition promoting a well-rounded and sustainable diet for the community. Through the cultivation of these diverse fruit trees, Jonathan envisions a future where the environment thrives and the community enjoys a harmonious coexistence between nature and humanity.

Through his GanzAfrica fellowship Jonathan has become familiar with  the Rwanda National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP). Attending webinars, such as those organized by the UN Environment Program, has further enriched his knowledge and fueled his commitment to creating a sustainable future.

Jonathan’s tree planting project serves as a catalyst for change, shifting mindsets from awareness to action. Jonathan envisions a Rwanda where every home becomes an oasis, promoting food security, environmental conservation, and a thriving ecosystem. The project’s success hinges not only on improved household nutrition, but also on fostering a sustainable mindset that recognizes the importance of individual (or household) actions to ensure biodiversity and a thriving ecosystem for current and future generations.

Jonathan’s first actions in his home village of Remera, in Gasabo district, are a testament to the power of vision, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. Inspired by initiatives such as GGGI (Global Green Growth Institute) and Green Gicumbi Project gains momentum as neighbors join in, collecting trees to plant in their own gardens. As participation grows, the understanding of the need for a food-secure and biodiverse Rwanda spreads. With determination and support, Jonathan’s project has the potential to become a national movement, transforming not only rural and urban landscapes but also mindsets, inspiring current and future generations towards a well-nourished and biodiverse Rwanda. By acknowledging and building upon the work of these forebears, including Green Gicumbi, Jonathan’s project becomes part of a collective effort to create a thriving environment supporting a healthy population.

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