Education and Experience

Polycarpe Mizero is a graduate of Conservation Agriculture with a specialization in Crop Production from RICA (Rwanda Institute for Conservation Agriculture) who previously he gained practical experience as a Geospatial Data Analyst Intern at ESRI Rwanda

Attraction to GanzAfrica

Polycarpe was drawn to GanzAfrica by its unique capacity building approach impacting livelihoods through evidence informed decision-making in agrifood systems. The opportunity to apply his knowledge and skills in a real-world setting, particularly within the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAGRI), was a dream come true for him.


During his fellowship at GanzAfrica, Polycarpe thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with other fellows and engage in life-changing projects. Notably, he contributed to the Seed Policy Assessment for MINAGRI and Policy Tracker creation, which involved assessing and tracking the implementation of seed policies critical to agricultural development. This experience allowed him to apply his academic knowledge in a practical context and make tangible contributions to agricultural policy.

Key Contributions and Learnings

“Being a GA fellow has prepared me to be a force for change.” Polycarpe says. “I prioritize impact; I want to pursue academia and research in prediction of greenhouse gas emissions from forage crops using satellite, drone imagery and sensors.”

Through his work, Polycarpe believes that he has gained insights with policy formulation and development processes. He also believes that practical skills such as project management, effective communication, report writing, presentation and policy advocacy will position for success in future endeavors.

Polycarpe’s journey at GanzAfrica exemplifies GanzAfrica’s commitment to nurturing young talent and empowering them to drive positive change in their communities through innovative approaches to transform the food systems on the African continent.

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