On June 5th Rwanda celebrated World Environment Day, following REMA’s successful Beat Plastic Pollution campaign drawing attention towards tackling plastic pollution. Joël RUKUNDO, GanzAfrica Climate Finance Fellow, witnessed the conversation and writes:

On World Environmental Day, I had the privilege to attend the highly anticipated launch of Rwanda’s Revised Green Growth and Climate Resilience Strategy. The revised strategy aims to guide national policy and planning, with a strong focus on mainstreaming climate change across all sectors of the economy. Additionally, the strategy positions Rwanda to attract international funding and green investments.

The event showcased key strategy objectives, highlighting the importance of energy security, low carbon energy supply, sustainable land use and water resource management, social protection, improved health, and disaster risk reduction.

During the launch event, the strategy’s thematic programs were highlighted as key pillars for achieving sustainable and climate-resilient development. These programs provide a framework for action and collaboration across various sectors including; Green Industrialization and Trade, Green Urban Transition and Integration, Sustainable Land Use and Natural Resources Management and Vibrant Resilient Green Rural Livelihoods.

This is a significant milestone in the country’s commitment to sustainable development and climate resilience, reflecting Rwanda’s determination to transform its economy while mitigating climate change and protecting its natural resources. By guiding national policy and planning, the revised strategy sets the stage for attracting international funding and green investments, positioning Rwanda as a leader in green growth and climate resilience.

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